I wanted to share a list of things we used to get our home approved for fostering. This is for the State of California and our particular county. Please make sure you check your own county guidelines. I couldn’t find a list like this when trying to get everything together, so I hope this helps!

Medicine Lock Box
We LOVE our lock boxes. We have two. One for refrigerated items and one for non-refrigerated items. It has plenty of room for tall bottles too since you can easily remove the top tray.

Drill Free Magnetic Cupboard Locks
These babies are AWESOME, especially if you are renting and don’t want to drill holes into the cabinets. They are a little tricky to install at first, but totally worth it.

Two-Story Fire Escape Ladder
Since we have a two story home we were required to have an escape ladder. My first thought was “oh my gosh, I have to install this crazy ladder thing!” Then I came to my senses and googled fire escape ladders. This works perfectly for us and was approved by our agency!

First Aid Kit
I didn’t want to have to put my own first aid kit together. Yes, I’m lazy….but this is pretty cheap and easy.

While the first aid kit above comes with a one time use thermometer, I wanted to get a fancy forehead thermometer. The thought of trying to get a kid to keep something under their tongue for any length of time didn’t appeal to me.

Fire Extinguisher
It looks like Amazon no longer sells the extinguishers I bought, but I got a two pack since we have a two-story home. Make sure to check with your agency on what they will approve! Kidde FA110 Multi Purpose Fire Extinguisher 1A10BC, 2-pack

Janet Ward Black Law

Carbon Monoxide Alarm
While most of our smoke alarms are also carbon monoxide alarms, we did have one area where we needed another carbon monoxide alarm. This one you simply plug in. Love it.