This post was inspired by my sweet foster momma friend who just started her own blog! Check it out and while you're at it follow her on Instagram. The inspiration came from her FB status where she wrote about where her foster littles were at when they came to her and where they are… Continue reading Progress

Let People Wonder

I'm an over-explainer. I feel if I don't clarify something then the person I'm talking to wont truly understand. It's a fear of being misunderstood. I'm learning to let that go through fostering. I think I'm most self-conscious when I'm disciplining our little one. Will they (aka people I don't know and will never talk… Continue reading Let People Wonder

The Journey Begins

Seven years ago I never thought my life would look like this. I wanted to travel, stay single forever, and be a wandering artistic nomad. I had no plans to "settle down" and domesticate myself. That sounded like torture. How could a free-spirit like myself ever commit to someone? After all, they would just hold… Continue reading The Journey Begins