Let People Wonder

I’m an over-explainer. I feel if I don’t clarify something then the person I’m talking to wont truly understand. It’s a fear of being misunderstood. I’m learning to let that go through fostering.

I think I’m most self-conscious when I’m disciplining our little one. Will they (aka people I don’t know and will never talk to) think I’m being too soft? Too harsh? I still do what I feel is best for him, but getting that little voice out of my head is tricky. I know this is something that traditional parents go through, but traditional parents also start parenting at birth.

We were at the doctors and I had to have a discussion on listening. I stopped filling out the paperwork, knelt down, and made eye contact for our discussion. Once we were done and I stood back up I realized “I don’t owe any of these people any sort of explanation. Not with my words or my facial expressions.” Oh my word it was empowering! It’s like this silly weight I put on myself was lifted. The whole world can watch me train our little one and they can take from it what they want to. It wont stop me from providing the best care I can.

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