I can’t tell you how much I tried to prepare only to be blindsided about a dozen times each week. Everything is SO new. We are blessed to have an incredible community who has offered nothing but love and support. Without a strong community behind us it would be a lot harder.

I didn’t realize how high my expectations were for children until we had one in our home. Kyle felt the same way and I’m so glad I wasn’t alone. We were told in our trainings to LOWER our expectations, but somehow that just didn’t happen until reality hit us in the face.

Why on earth should I expect this child to hold his head over his plate while he eats?

Why should I expect him to understand what telling the truth means?

Why should I expect him to know how to tell which shoe goes on which foot?

I don’t know his past. I have no clue who might have taught him what. His little world was already setup and many of those things that I expected were not a part of it. I have been gradually lowering my expectations, but not because he isn’t capable, but because he simply doesn’t know yet.

Let me just tell you that our little one is so bright, loving, and helpful. He is beyond capable of anything he sets his mind to.

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