What is Fostering Like?

I’ve had a lot of people ask me what fostering is like and I can confidently say:

Parenting someone else’s child is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. It’s the hope that their family will be healthy and safe for them to return to all the while knowing their life will be much harder if they do go home. It’s trying to mend a broken heart and share as much about Jesus as you can in case they go back home and never hear His name again. It’s trying to make doctor appointments and realizing how odd it sounds when you say “Oh, I don’t remember his birthday, let me look it up.” It’s trying to make their little world make sense for them while maintaining their childhood. It’s opening your heart up to pain so that hopefully they will have a little less of it. It’s HARD.

But will we keep doing it? Absolutely. 💗 We are not saints or anyone special. In fact, we have 0 special skills. 😂 Fostering isn’t for everyone, but if it has ever weighed on your heart I’d encourage you to revisit the idea.

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